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Results of Obtaining Math Help

Students usually do better on tests after several tutoring sessions with Tom. He encourages them to do their homework daily, to pay attention in class, to see their math teachers for extra help, and to study diligently for tests. He does not expect to single-handedly transform a failing student to success. He partners with the students, their parents, and the teachers to make a noticeable difference. He encourages hard work and hard study of the student, and especially to seek understanding of the math concepts he presents. He has found that most students learn to like math after attaining success; they understand that math is more logic than mystery. His ultimate goal is to make a difference in students’ lives, turning their math liabilities into assets for the remainder of their lives.

Testimonials from Tom's Chicago math tutoring clients

(student's names changed to protect privacy)

“You did so much good for Eric. We are very grateful for your example as much as your tutoring work…”

“Thank you again for teaching Jennifer. She has a great attitude and is much more open to math…”

“Thank you for your work with Michelle. Her progress in math has been amazing given her bad experiences with math…”