Math Help in Chicago

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Tutoring Philosophy & Approach

For most of Tom's tutoring students, the tutoring follows curriculum and textbooks used at their respective schools. For home schooling or preparation for the SAT or ACT, books and materials are recommended by Tom.

Tom’s math education philosophy is based on the premise that all students can learn and excel at math. Many students have had negative experiences with math and as a result have gaps in their math knowledge that interfere with their ability to excel in current math classes. Individualized math help allows the identification and addressing of specific gaps and needs. Tom sees his job as that of facilitator, helping the student not only to learn math concepts, but also to learn methods for studying and learning new concepts.

Parents frequently report a change in their child’s attitude towards math after working with Tom; some students have even identified math as a “favorite subject” after they experience success and true understanding of math for the first time in their math education.