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Tom Heineman

Graduating from St. Mary’s College, Winona, Minnesota with a B.A. in Mathematics in 1970, Tom spent eight years teaching math in Colorado, New Mexico and Chicago. His students were in grades 5 through high school. With enormous opportunity in the computer systems area, Tom changed careers in 1978 and became a computer programmer. He advanced to becoming a systems analyst and finally, a principal in charge of human resources-related systems for the Global Human Resources function at Arthur Andersen LLP. Tom left Andersen after 24 years with the firm when it disbanded in the aftermath of the Enron scandal.

Uninterested in continuing with another corporate position, Tom decided to pursue his personal interests and become “self-employed”, hence, the birth of “Tom Heineman Enterprises.” Tom now works as a private math tutor for middle school, high school and college students on the north side of Chicago and the neighboring North Shore suburbs. He offers individualized math help in algebra, trigonometry, geometry, pre calculus as well as ACT and SAT prep.

Sea Kayaking

When not tutoring students in math, you might find Tom cruising out on Lake Michigan in his kayak. Tom is a certified sea kayak instructor who teaches at the Northwest Passage, as well as offering private sea kayak instruction....more info

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