June 4th Update - One week until put-in!

Lots of activity trying to wrap up things on the home front and to prepare for the expedition.  Food for the trip has been purchased and needs to be packages and packed.  The plan is to create portions and supplies that can get delivered to various stops along the way.  The first resupply point will be in the U.P. of Michigan… The next willl be in Mackinac or Harbor Springs…  Still figuring that out.  Homemade jerky by Matt Brown left over from a BWCA trip has been donated along with some awesome sausage and heavily wrapped cheese.  I have purchased various rice, pasta packages, individual servings of foil wrapped salmon and tuna, falafil mix, lots of organic dried fruits, nuts, oats and instant milk.  I plan to package oats, instant milk, dried fruits in custom vacuum packs.  Ditto for custom trail mix.  Peg Cipolla has lent me a machine that does vacuum packing.

I got some new seal line dry bags to add to my collection…  I needed more “small” bags for the Nordkapp.  Also pruchased a lightweight 6 x 8 ft. tarp and a waterproof monocular. 

I think I have all the gear I need, just need to sort it all out and ready it for packing. 

Tom Bamonte, president of CASKA, is organizing a CASKA trip around my launch next Sunday form the Lincoln Park Boat Club and paddle to Mary Jo’s  in Fort Sheridan. 

Bentley Whitman has visited Cross Village, my stopping point between Wilderness State Park and Harbor Spings and has is exploring some options for my camping there.

Rick Isaacson is planning a stay in Door County and will be paddling some of that shoreline with me.  He is looking into camping at Newport Beach State Park and if that works out I will camp there as my stop between Jacksonport and Rock Island.

Steve Bannow is trying to pull together a Brat fry in Sheboygan to coincide with my stop there.  I suspect these will be Sheboygan brats. I have had a lot fo brats but never fried.  Should be interesting cusine!

I talked with Sean Madden, cousin of Keith Heger form the Northwest Passage, about staying at his condo on the lake north of Kenosha.  As it turns out this is about 30 miles north of Ft. Sheridan so day 2 of the trip will either be a 30 mile paddle to their or a 15 mile paddle to Illinois Beach State Park.  We will see how my body feels on day 2 and which way the wind is blowing. 

More later….   




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