Thursday July 27th Update

Stayed at Sarah Leonard’s place in Beverly Shores on Tuesday evening after a quick uneventful paddle from the Mullin’s residence.  Peggy met me there and the next day Peggy and I paddled 5.6 miles to Porter Beach (this is where Tom Bamonte, Dave Kaknes, Mike Agostinelli landed when we bailed out on the lake crossing a couple summers ago…).  

I will meet Erik Sprenne there tomorrow morning to paddle to the Whiting Robinsdale Marina where we are all set to camp.  Erik tells me that this is Perogi-fest weekend in Whiting so I may be fueled by Perogis for my last day of paddling Saturday.  

We plan to launch around 9AM from Porter Beach and I expect we will arrive at Whiting in the early afternoon…  will depend on wind and weather.  I will have a downsized cargo since I will just bring the minimum needed for 2 days of paddling and one night of camping.  

On Saturday I plan to launch about 9AM and then stop by 63rd St Beach for lunch…  I understand that there has been some CASKA e-mails about how to join the last day of paddling.  

I am actually sad about the expedition ending.  I am ready to do another 500 miles…  hmmm…  sounds like a Lake Superior distance…. .  

Peggy and I are playing tourists and I am now at the Valparaiso Library.   We had lunch in Chesterton and visited a couple art galleries there including a very cool gallery for an artist named Holly Jackson…   I plan to visit that gallery again to buy some art one of these days…  (or maybe this afternoon…  ). 

We saw Superman Returns last night (that was actually the least offensive of the offerings at the cinema near Michigan City…  not exactly an art house theater…  :-).  The popcorn was good.  Don’t waste your money. 

We camped at a walk-in site at the Dunewood Campground that is part of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore last night and will be there tonight as well…   RVs can’t get to the walk-in sites and the regular sites don’t have electricity so it is relatively peaceful.  I have learned that the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore covers almost the entire coast of Indiana that isn’t industry.  The residential communities and the Indiana Dunes State Park are islands within the National Lakeshore.   Good that this area is being preserved…   a nice switch from the southern Michigan over-development I witnessed earlier.  

John Schubert, I did get your phone message and am fine with your plans.  I expect we will finish the Saturday segment between 2 and 5 PM depending on weather and who joins the paddle on Saturday.  I had to go to a pay phone to check my voice mail since my phone does not seem to work in Indiana at all…  Hopefully it will work in Whiting. 

Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces!  Thanks for all your support. 





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