May 28th Update

Yesterday I met Erik Sprenne near Whiting, Indiana to check out the camping possibilities in that area.  Erik is in contact with the Whiting Robertsdale Boat Club about allowing us to camp there.  At this point, if our schedules work out, Erik is planning to do the Indianna coast with me.  The Boat Club deifnitely would work as a camping site and would be a good send off point for the last segment of the trip back to the Lincoln Park Boat Club if anyone wants to join me for the last segment of the trip.

There were some other options for camping that we investigated, so Whiting is definitely a go. 

Erik took me on his famous “industrial tour” past BP and Inland Steel and eventually took the fork called the Indianna Harbor Canal which leads to Grand Calumet River.  We covered about 16 miles round trip and averaged about 4 mph.  We were both pretty pooped by the end.  My thinking is that during the trip if I can cover about 15 or 16 miles in the morning, then take a break for an hour or two, and then paddle the reamining 5 to 10 miles, I should be able to do an average of 20 miles a day.  That remains to be seen.

I did some yoga this morning to stretch out the rather tight muscles from the 16 mile excursion.   I think I will need to discipline myself to do stretching/yoga every morning in order to stay loose and avoid injury. 



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