Day 33

Eric here.  Met up with my dad and Krys at Point Betsie Light House, a beautiful camp site and view of the water.

From there we went to Arcadia Marina.  Perfect kayaking- conditions, wind on our backs and we cruised.  At Arcadia we installed my dad’s new seat (thank you all that helped with transport).  Continued on to a mile north of Orchard Bay Park.  

Orchard Bay Park was a tent city/RV hell. Just spent a night there and ate lots of ice cream.  My dad seems disenchanted by modern civilization.  He is having trouble sitting in cars and driving (non-human powered).  All he seems to want is a campground near to the lake…away from those gas guzzling RVs. 

He’s on his way to stealth camp in the National Forest and than to Ludington State Park.  He seems pretty positive that he’s gonna make it and is already 2/3 done. 

And so I write a short poem that I composed while observing him this last week:

Legs like tree trunks

Forearms strong and sunburnt

Disenchanted by Modern Civilization

Looking for primitive camping

Fueled by sausage and cheese

He has gotten no where in “the Heart of the Buddha’s Path”

But has gotten 2/3rd done.

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