Longest Day

Tom called tonight from Grand Haven State Park and asked me (Frits Kwant) to post this update. Tom had a good rest day yesterday and in addition to a couple of media interviews went into Whitehall/Montague to do some grocery/gear shopping. After buying a new a new pair of pants at a paddle shop he cut up his old ones to use for sandy campsite tablecloths.
I took him back to the Stony Lake put-in (where I had picked him up Sunday night)around 7:30 AM and after driving back to my place I paddled north from our beach until I ran into him heading south. We paddled together to the White Lake channel where I headed back and he continued on.

He made 38.5 miles today (from Stony Lake to Grand Haven) with a gentle north wind giving him a helpful push. He was very happy with his average speed of 4.2 mph. It’s the longest mileage day he’s had and helps make up for the weather/rest day he took. He expects to get to Holland State Park by Wednesday night after which he may take another weather day if the forecast of 15-25 mph winds hold for Thursday as forecasted.
Tom still expects to get to Glassers at Glenn by Friday night.

He felt strong today and though he is camped in a “parking lot” campsite he’s happy to be there.

Frits Kwant

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