Day 37 July 17th *** Rest/Weather Day

Tom here. Staying at Frits and Clarice Kwant’s lovely house steps from the Lake and in a wooded sand dune area near Montague. Took out yesterday at Stony Lake after battling 10 - 20 mph winds all day… Managed to go 18.6 miles averaging 2.4 mph and paddling 7.5 hours… when it was clear that I wasn’t going top complete the 25 miles to reach the Kwant residence, I called Frits Kwant from a land line belonging to a Bobby Glasser who was kind enough to let me use the house phone in his home many steps up a long stairway to the top of a bluff… no way to take out there, but 2.5 miles further was a ramp at Stoney Lake creek… Frits picked me up there.

Given more of the same weather today (only worse (25 mph SW winds), I decided to give myself a badly needed rest day especially since Frits offered another day of accomdations at his place.

Tomorrow I will go back to Stoney Lake to put-in. My itinerary is now a little off. The Michigan State Parks are heaven for RVs for the rest of the way south, but are not for sea kayakers with long portages to mostly paved campgrounds with RVs on top of one another. There are exceptions, but I am now thinking I will paddle each day about 20 miles and then beg a place to camp from homeowners along the lake or if a state or county park is in the area I will camp there.

Peggy, my wife, may be meeting up with me more frequently now that she is back to Chicago, so I may have her shuttle me to campgrounds as well.

For planning purposes, I do plan to be at Mike Glasser’s place (Glen) on Saturday July 22 and to Steve Mullin’s (New Buffalo) place on July 25 and to Sara Leonard’s (Beverly Shores) on July 26 and possibly camp there an extra day and then make the 27 mile crossing to Whiting on Friday July 28th with Erik Sprenne if that works with his schedule and the winds are favorable for a long crossing. (Erik we need to talk when we see the forecast). Erik is working on permission for others to camp at the Whiting Boat Club and park cars there so paddlers can join me on the last segment to the LPBC hopefully on Saturday July 29th.

This revised schedule will give me some flexibility since I will now be tackling typical SW winds in July which will make 20 mile plus days tough.

Erik Sprenne, Mike Glasser, and Sarah Leonard please let me know if these revised dates will work….

The last week has been awesome with some beautiful dune shorelines. The Manistee National Forest (where I camped legally, by the way) was beautiful. Sleeping Bear Dunes campsite and campground was awesome thanks to Kym’s help.

The new seat was installed in Arcadia with the help of my Gerber knife to trim the plastic to fit in my boat… so far it has been holding up well…

Peggy or Eric if you meet up with me please bring my Lendal Archipelago paddle back… the 7-2 fits on the deck nicely, but is not a good alternative to the Kinetic Touring blade…

Paddling with Krys Schneider and Eric Heineman was a welcome change and we got to eat lots of ice cream… we started a new approach to eating… ice cream before dinner on both days I paddled with them and at Orchard Beach State Park, we had ice cream both before and after dinner! What a wonderful diet.

Thanks again to Dave Dickerson, Michael Grey, and Nancy Thornton for jumping through some hoops to get the new seat to me.

Today I was interviewed by Spike Odell at 8:20AM for the wgn news radio and got to wish my wife Happy Birthday “live” on the radio… I was also interviewed by a reporter from the White Lake Beacon…

I also got a chance to play in an empty Nordkapp in some pretty large surf which resulted in a capsize and a roll… some pretty big waves and high winds today…

Thanks to Laura Qyackenbush from Leland who managed to get my boat shoes delivered to me at Betsie Bay lighthouse (it’s a long story).

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