Day 11 - Now at Flentye’s 9 miles north of Algoma

Peggy met up with me last night in Kewaunee and joined Robin and Chuck Nelson from Kewaunee for a salmon/pasta dinner at the campsite.  Today’s paddle was easy…   light winds form the southwest gave a little push…   my boat was mostly empty since Peggy was meeting me at Flentye’s so she hauled most of my supplies and gear.  What a difference a light boat makes.  I paddled the last 9 miles with no skeg and experimented with shifting my weight and legs to aid in keeping the boat on track… this worked really well with the light winds and light load.

There may be several people paddling from Jacksonport to meet me tomorrow…   Chuck and Robin from Kewaunee, Eric and Lisa Matrejek from Chicago  and maybe Rick Isaacson from Milwaukee…   Should be fun.

I will have my VHF marine radio on and monitoring channel 69.  

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