Tom has crossed to Lower Michigan

I’m posting this on behalf of Tom - we joined him this morning at a campground 2 miles west of the bridge with plans to cross the Straits and continue west to Wilderness Park. We had a terrific crossing, didn’t have to play dodge the freighter, and stopped for lunch upon arriving at the opposite shore.

As we know, weather often changes - and today that was the case. We launched after lunch into breaking waves from a rocky beach and in fairly short order the decision was made to return to shore and discuss our plan of attack.

During our paddling day a small craft advisory came into effect. Wind increased to 15 - 25 mph from NW, primarily on our noses, and waves were building to 3 - 5 feet. There were 7 - 10 miles left to go, but slogging through those conditions would have been grueling and, in Tom’s opinion, was entirely unnecessary. 

This evening he is enjoying the hospitality of a family at waterfront home about 1.5 miles of the bridge. Tomorrow morning, weather permitting, he’ll continue towards Wilderness Park before making the turn south towards Cross Village.

It was truly a pleasure to have been able to join Tom for the day! We’re keeping an eye on him and I know we’ll connect again as he makes his way past our NW Michigan shoreline.

Nancy Thornton
Kingsley, MI

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