Days 8/9/10 Now in Kewaunee

Day 8  Sheboygan to Mainitowoc - GPS miles 26.6 miles moving time 6 hr and 54 minutes, moving avaergae 3.9 mph.

Paddled with Steve Bannow from Sheyboygan to Manitowoc…  Winds out of the SW lending a gentle push; waves under a foot.  Light rain most of the day.  Paddled offshore quite a ways and came closer to shore to have a look at the famous Whispering Staits “links” golf course.  I suspect I would shoot about 200 on that course!  Unbelievable terrain.  At one point we pulled to shore becausee the sun came out and it seemed like we should take advantage of that and take a rest.  Howvere within minutes the skies darkened and we heard thunder.  It rained a bit and then all passed to the south.  There were periods of dense fog… very pretty paddling day.  As we oulled into the harbor at Manitowoc we were greated by Horst Abel and Phil Rohrer who had paddled out to greet us and take some photos.  Next, I went to Hort’s place to shower and change so we oculd go out and get some pizza at Tony’s Bar and Pizza.  Very good pizza.  I had coffee with my pizza so I would have enough energy to eat it… :-)   I said my goodbyes to Steve and Diane Bannow and we went back to Horst’s place.  Horst has a 1920’s vintage home on HW42.  An amazing house that he has restored since moving from Milwaukee.  the houe has lots of cool architectural details still intact (tile floors, stained glass windows, great woodwork, plaster moldings and the like).  Horst thought I needed to stretch my legs so we walked thru the local park and zoo near his home. 

Day 9 Manitowoc to Point BEach State Park GPS miles 11.3  Moving Avergae 4.0 mph

The next morning I was treated to his wife Barbara’s homemade granola with unpasteurized/unprocessed milk… really excelent.   Barbara also sent me off with a tube of natural peanut butter and some sort of German rye crisps.  I guess I am going to show the world that you can paddle 800 plus miles thru all kinds fo wind and wave conditions, exert tremendous amounts of effort and still manage to gain weight!

Horst then paddled with me from Maintowoc to Two Rivers with some pretty wild SW winds which allowed us to surf on and off for several miles.  We stopped at a really nce beach in TWo Rivers where the Lakeshore Sea Kayakers frequently launch.  I rested a bit more than usual since this was supposed to be a “kind of” rest day.  I then paddled the rest of the way to Point Beach State Park.  Phil Rohrer had arranged with the ranger for me to camp on the beach just north of the working light house at Rawley Point.  I set up camp and then Phil picked me up to make sure that I would not lose any weight.  It was ”Deva Night” for the Monday night paddle of the Lakeshore Sea Kayakers…  Quite a showing of kayakers…  must have been 20+ boats. They met at Paddler’s Park on one of the two rivers.  Living up to their reputation there was a ton of food: brats, ribs, fried cheese and other appetizers, baked beans, salads and desserts.  I ahd a chance to chat with Dave Schuette about long distance paddling.  He has done Green Bay to Milwaukee.  We tlaked at length about food, cold and energy challenges.   I am getting lots of advice and learnign a lot.  As ”chatty Patty” told me…  ”listen to your body!”  “Drink lots fo water with the ibuprophren.”  Dave said the only food that seemed to work while paddling was high protein foods like cheese and sausage.  Carbs don’t seem to do it.  Dave also recomeded frequent short stops rather than infrequent long stops. 

Phil has done agreat job promoting sea kayaking in Two Rivers.  There are now 7 kayak planters scattered around Two Rivers.  With the two beautiful rivers and the beutifl lakefront, I can see the seeds Phil has planted in the area some day make Two Rivers a kayak destination like Door County.   

Day 10 Point Beach State Park to Kewaunee - GPS 18.7  miles, moving time 4 hr 40 min moving avg 4.0

Got an 8AM start after breaking down camp and cooking breakfast.  After about 8 miles, Chuck Nelson hooked up with me to paddle the next 10 miles.  Chuck and his wife Robin were at the Monday night paddling event and live and work in Kewaunee as chiropractors.  Chuck was a wealth of knoweldge about nutrition and made that 10 miles of paddling go by quickly.  We had a slight push from the southwest.  Quartering seas are very challenging in the Norkapp when it is fully loaded…  The skeg has to be “just right” and you really have to do a lot of correcting strokes.  I need to figure out how to pack it so the weight is definitely further back in the boat.  In mild conditions I think I would prefer my Current Designs Expedition.  In rough water, the Norkapp seems to come into it’s owm element.  Dave was paddling a Dagger Meridian customized to hvae the seat moved back 2″ for better tracking.  Seemed to work.

Well, got to run.  I have dinner guests at my campsite at the marina.  Robin and Chick are coming over to help me eat some of this food that I have been carrying!  I think it will be salmon with pasta and sun-dried tomatoes with olive oil.  Tomorrow Peggy is coming up to meet me at Flentye’s property north of Algoma where we are camping. 

Overall Note:   I am getting stronger every day and learnign the idiosyncracies fo the Nordkapp and packing and camping, etc.  The biggest issue now is trying to stabilize my diet so I get the right foods and water in my body at the right times and in the right amounts.  At the end of the day I can tell my blood sugar is really down… somehow I have to prevent that. 


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