Last Day write-up by Tom Bamonte CASKA president…

my son suggested I post this….


Dad you should put this write up on your blog, if you havent already.


—— Forwarded Message

From: Thomas Bamonte

Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 15:58:56 -0700 (PDT)


Subject: Tom H. Has Returned

Tom Heineman has successfully completed his Lake

Michigan circumnavigation.

He and a small group put in this morning about 8:15

a.m. in Whiting. They were joined at about noon by

folks who had launched from 12th Street Beach and the

Lincoln Park Boat Club. The group stopped back at

12th Street Beach to fortify themselves for the rocky

ride around Navy Pier.

Tom looked great and it was apparent that he

considered the trip to be a great personal success.

Some of us had been worried upon reading in his blog a

diatribe against RV parks and technology that Tom

might have either gotten too much sun or was going to

follow in the wake of Kayak Bill, the noted West Coast

kayaking recluse. Not to worry. The man is sane–at

least to the extent that someone who paddles 850 miles

in a tiny boat on big water can be considered sane!

We successfully navigated through the powerboat hell

that is Navy Pier on a summer day and picked up more

paddlers. By the time Tom entered Diversey Harbor

there were at least 20 kayaks in the flotilla, which

must be some kind of a local record.

Tom landed at the LPBC to a round of applause, boat

thumping and horns. After everyone landed the

launching area at the LPBC was packed with colorful

kayaks and sweaty kayakers in dripping gear. Tom’s

family kindly fed and watered us. Thanks to the LPBC

for hosting.

When I left Tom had just finished looking at maps. He

shook my hand, accepted my congratulations, got that

faraway look in his eyes and said “there are four more

Great Lakes left.”

Sounds like a man with a plan.

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