Update, Saturday July 1st


On Saturday, Tom was in Naubingway about 40+ miles from the bridge and he’s sidetracked by weather.  He’s indicated that he will probably do the corssing on Tuesday, and camp as near as possible to the bridge on the U.P. side on Monday night if the weather cooperates…currently alot of storm warnings.  ~~Krys

One Response to “Update, Saturday July 1st”

  1. Nancy Thornton Says:

    Local weather is good for most of the day Monday, July 3rd, but is expected to deteriorate as day progresses with possibly severe storms predicted 4pm - 11pm. Weather outlook for Tuesday (and rest of the week) is good.

    If all goes as scheduled, Tom will be camped 2 miles west of the bridge tonight, and will be joined Tuesdsay morning by 2 Traverse City area paddlers for the crossing and paddle to Wilderness State Park.