April 5th, 2006

I have updated my contact list and have filled in dates, miles and contacts and the latest on interested paddlers from Chicago to Rock Island

As of today, I have rowers from Milwaukee who have offered to paddle with me when I am passing through… check this e-mail out:

Hello Tom,

I know you won’t be much into your trip, but we could ride along with you when you pass by Milwaukee.  We aren’t kayakers, but “currachers”.  Our boats are of ancient Irish design - you can an illustration here: www.milwaukeecurrach.com.  We’d be happy to row out and keep you company for a while.

Good luck with your trip.  We are planning a Lake Michigan crossing in September and just the planning part of it is a nightmare and much more bureaucratic than I’d ever imagined.


Kristen Scheuing

Irish Currach Club of Milwaukee”

What is really remarkable is that when I went to the Irish Currach Club website I realized I had met some of their Irish paddling competitors (“currachers”) outside of Pittsburgh where we camped our first night of the Ohio River expedition…   their was an Irish Rowing club that kept their boat at the marina where we camped just outside of Pittsburgh.   When I looked at the Milwaukee Currach Club website, I recognized photos of the marina where we stayed…  they had obviously competed against them…   small world!     Once you see these rowers and their boats and their paddles, you will think Greenland style wood kayaks and paddles are absolutely high tech compared to the ancient boats these paddlers use.  Their oars look like 2 by 4s…

I hope they can manage to meet up with me as I do the stretch from Racine (Cliffside Campground) to the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center just north of Milwaukee.   (I will be camping at the Audubon Nature center thanks to Russ Johnson).   I should be paddling thru Milwaukee on Wednesday June 14th if my schedule holds.

Tom Heineman

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Hang on! The posts will be back soon…

March 14th, 2006

Hi All,

 An upgrade was done at the system level to the bulletin board software that runs this Blog.  I’m working with Techs to get the posts back.  Stay tuned . . . Krys

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