days 4, 5 and 6

day 4 Kenosha to Cliffside  gps 15.1 miles moving time 4:24 avg speed 3.4 mph.  Easy day of paddling - no wind, little waves…  made  one stop and then looked for cliffside camping…  my GPS was off a little and I later discovered that the campground was on top of a very high bluff with no easy trail… basically a clay-covered ravine… but in my searching I found a place that looked like a local gathering spot for parties/fires and decided to make camp there on the beach.   There was a path up to a county park above and after talking to some locals, it became apparent that the spot I had chosen was fine.  My sister Mary was in Racine for a business meeting and stopped by in her business clothes…  made for an interesting photo.  Peggy also showed up and I shed some of the extra gear I’d been carrying.  I definitely needed to downsize and I still want to downside some more. 

Day 5  Cliffside to Schlitz Audubon Nature Center GPS mileage 26.9 miles  moving time 7 hrs 15 mins  moving avg 3.7 miles.  I got up early 4:45AM, made breakfast, broke camp and packed my boat by monnlight and then by the rising sun.  I started the day on really calm seas and was doing about 4 MPH and finished an 8 miles crossing in 2 hours and then kept forgin ahead towards the McKinley Marina to meet up with Kristen and Jeremy who were going to row out to meet me…   At about mile 15 I met up with them rowinf their Irsih fisherman Curach boat…   very cool 1000 yr old design…  some sort  of cloth covered wood frame boat with a very cool hull design and something like Inuit style oars…   they were able to go 5mph or more…  We went on to the marina and I had some lunch and they resented me a gift of some energy bars and peanuts…  Thye then paddled another 5 miles or so with me…  Kristen will be contacting the Lincol Park Boat Club about doing a demo there and seeing if they could get interest in a Chicago Currach paddling club/team…  most of their competition is out east.  Jeremy and Kristen are both very good rowers and have lots of wins in Curach competition.  It was great having someone to paddle with…  the rest of the 27 mile paddle was uneventful and I arrived at the Audubon Center about 4:15 PM.  I checked in there after a long hike to the Nature Center and found out where I was supposed to camp.  I was pretty exhausted…   I camped in prairie grass surrounded by millions of flowers…  Rick Isaccson showed up to greet me and took me to Heinemann’s restaurant in Brown Deer just off of 43.  It was good to see Rick and eat some “real” food.    

Day 6 Audubon Nature Center to Port Washington  GPS stats are worthless because Steve Bannow picked me up in Port Washington and drove me to his home in Sheboygan…  I gorgot to turn the GPS off… when I looked at the mileage it said 43 miles and high spped of 70mph…  oops.  I would guess I paddled about 16 miles and averaged about 4 mph…  there were following seas with 1 - 2 foot waves.  Keeping the Nordkapp on track with following seas is a challenge….  I have tried various skeg depths, leans and mdified strokes…  Steve suggests that perhaps I need to experiment with the way I have the weight distributed in the boat…  Tomorrow I will  have a lighter boat since I am leaving gear at Steve’s sionce I will be staying hear tomorrow night as well…  Steve and I will do the 25 miles from Port Washington to Sheboygan.  Steven had a Brat party and invired locak paddlers and also a couple sail surfers who were from the Chicago area….  the following paddlers were at the Party hosted by Steve and Diane Bannow:  from Sheboygan:  Dennis Ketterman, Doug P., Nick Conger, Rob Ecker, from Sheyboygan Falls: Nancy and Tom Koeppen, Tom Fredericks, from Manitowoc: Tom Fredericks.  It was a fun get together.  Brats were awesome as was the dessert made by Nancy. 

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